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How to make success in your ministry through Internet Featured

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Happy childrenThis is a short guide about "How to make success in your ministry through the Internet".

To have success in the arena of the Internet, you need to think about more than just makeing a web page. It takes knowledge, skills and experianse. The road to make success can sometimes feel like "it`s too much", but anything worth something never come easy. It`s a job that have to be done. But when it`s starting rolling, you will never regret the job you put in to it.

{member}In the future I will continue develop this article, but I believe even this will help.{/member}

1. Write about how God called you
2. How the ministry started
3. The nature of your ministry
4. Testimonies of peoples that have received some kind of blessing from the ministry. Example: Healing, salvation, financial blessings, practical help, help for children (orphans)
5. Use photos in format: JPG, GIF or PNG. Size: wide 250 pix, 72 dpi. (one photo talk more than a thousand words)
Wright a short story in connection to the photo. Like 1/4 A4 page. When it is a special story that can be a front story, wright a bigger story. (More details)
Or: If you dont know how to do this, just send the story as well written as possible, but not too short, and I will edit it....
6. Update the section on your country, by publishing new material, if possible at least once a week.
7. Try to have one or two photos connected with the story.
8. Write about projects, how much it cost, how much finances you need to finish, (but don`t make it a begging letter, it`s too much of that)

I am the editor, and will read everything before publishing.

I hope this few tips will help you. I like to see God`s blessing for your work.

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Michael Angell

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