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Did you know the best way to attract Christians and others to your ministry at the Internet as well as the traditional world? Not? That is writing articles? Write articles just about anything in your life and ministry.


Another thing is to write testimonies about what God is doing through your ministry.


I_love_him_small.gif Please understand, it is vital to make Christians confident in your testimony and your ministry. There are so much scam at the Internet, so I don`t blame people that are sceptic. Publish more articles, and not less. This is an important part of serving God. When this is done the right way, it will Glorify God! 

How should you write articles and testimonies?

church.gif Most Christians don`t even know how to tell others what God has done for them. And why is it so? The reason for this, is that nobody have taken the time and effort to teach them. I am sure you remember the most cited Bible scripture in {bible}Matt 28:19-20{/bible}:

"Go therefore[fn3] and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, "teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

What does that mean for the Church and the Church growth, when most of the members don`t know how to share the Good News with others? The result will be and is, that very seldom or never, there will be new people coming to the Church meetings.

What should you write about?

Just about anything. But make it personal! Share anything you would share with your most trusted brother. If it does not fit to our website, I will just edit it and arrange it so it will. The important thing is that you share your life and ministry. (That is the testimony of what God is doing in your life)

What does the Church teach?

The normal teaching is:

  1. How we become a Christian
  2. How do I live a Christian life
  3. What we have in Christ
  4. Theological teaching

Very seldom we hear teaching on:

  • How to make disciples?
  • How to tell others about what God is doing in your life?

Why not invest some more time and effort to teach the members how to make disciples them self, and not leave all to the professionals!

The Church will experience a stream of new converts coming to the meetings. We will experience real Church growth and renewal of the Christians, and only transfer of Christians from one Church to another. It might not be so many new peoples that make the actually conversion in the Church meetings, but so what? People are getting saved and brought to the Church, and that is what counts in the end of the day.

According to statistic most of the Christians don`t become converts in a meetings, but rather at other places, like in the home, or with some friends.

This teaching needs increased focus, and be intensified. What will the result be? The result will be growing Churches, and God will be glorified.

PS! One of the effects of this teaching will be Church growth, and Christians that feel satisfied and valued. (What can be more satisfaction than leading a person to salvation in Christ)

Writing a testimony and writing and articles is pretty much done according to the same guidelines.
Read on, and you will find out how to write a testimony and an article.

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