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We have a few simple rules for submitting articles

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Please follow this rules

1. By submitting articles to (PBC), we are at any time given the right to publish it, even through syndication with RRS.

2. Don`t copy an article somebody else have written. You must be the copy holder for the article you submit. Except it is written by a ghost writer exclusively for you. Than it is your property.

3. All articles must be spell checked, and corrected to grammar errors before submitting.

4. PBC will edit the submitted article. The editing is only for correcting any errors and not for changing any meaning of the content. After publishing, the author have the right to correct any misapprehension of the content in the article.

5. PBC will except 2 different URL`s (link) to the authors website in the resource box (1). But it is referred to add this links in the author page (2). It is also acceptable to mention maximum two URL`s to other helpful sites.

6. The author must use the resource box or the authors web page (2) to link back to his/ her own website. (do not put it in the body text)

7. PBC have the right to submit any article to other websites, newsletters and Article Directories. The article will not be changed, but will always be in the original state (after ready editing). The author name, copyright and the author web page at PBC will be included in the bottom of the article.

8. The author will not receive any financial compensation of any kind for submitted articles.

9. PBC do not guarantee that the article to be included, at the website or directory, if we find the article not suitable, or find any other reasons for not publishing the article. The author will be notified in the private inbox or pm (3) at PBC website.(or in an email)

(1) A resource box also called signature, is a few lines at the bottom at the article that the author can use for promoting his/ her own services and website. It is often included one or two sentences of education, type of job and achievements.

(2) PBC use a special web page that we call "the authors web page" or signature in the profile. On this web page we publish the authors testimony, background and other issues that can promote the author. In every article, the author`s name will automatically be linked to this web page at the top of the article. So dont write your name at the bottom of the article

(3) PBC uses a private inbox or pm. This is an internal messaging system.

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Michael Angell

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