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Why you should write down your sermons or articles

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The point of writing an article, is to get people read it. If you got an other reason, it is better using your time doing something else.

Reason one is this:

You have a message. You have some ideas. You have some thoughts.
You need to share it. You need the message to get to somebody else.

This is one of the reasons why you should write sermons and articles.

Reason two is this:

You need finances to the ministry!

Getting finances to the ministry is not easy. And it is not more easy through the Internet. You are going to do a lot of mistakes, before you earnestly can say you master it. It is like going to school again. If you don`t already master this subject, you need to learn it.
Please read on, and I am sure you will be the next author .....

Write the best you can from the beginning!

Thought you don`t have much time writing articles, and you need to write the article as fast as possible, take a few minutes and learn, at least the foundation of writing.

So let us just line up a few "starters" so you easy and fast can get started, because that`s what you want, right?

Believe me, it is not so hard, actually it`s easy and fun. And if you start master it, I will even show you different places at the Internet you can publish the articles. In this industry (the article industry is big) there are a lot of cash, if you master writing articles.

What should you write about?

You need to really think through this subject. You may be a pastor or evangelist, and you want to write about the Holy Bible. But may be you get surprised how few people will read your articles, if you only writes from and about the Bible.

Remember this: "People use only 3-4 seconds to decide if they are going to read your article or not. So do your best in catching their eyes in a good headline at the top.

What are people looking for?

Obviously they will be looking for articles/ web-pages that get close to what interest them at the moment. You can write about belief, hobbies, professional carrier, family, friends, recipes, know how plus much more.

Write about what your greatest interests. If it is your Christian faith, growing plants, coaching, or whatever, than you have a lot of knowledge many other peoples don`t have. And because it is your great passion, you will "put your soul doing it." And that is what will make you successful in writing.

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Michael Angell

Rev. Michael Angell is the founder of Prayer & Bible Center International. 

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