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Wednesday, 03 October 2007 22:00

Help for marriage and family counselors, youth ministers, pastors, lay preachers Featured

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The purpose for PrayerAndBibleCenter.com, sponsored by Private gifts, is to help people better understand the basic truths of what the Bible teaches. In doing so our emphasis is toward those materials that are not religious or based toward a particular religion, denomination or doctrine.

Our belief is that every human being should have access to the Bible’s teachings regarding every area of life and death including Bible doctrine, Bible prophecy, Bible basics, Christian living and growth.

For this reason we established this free information service to provide free online articles on topics where the Bible gives guidance. Free Bible study and free Bible material that is unbased and unprejudiced is an important service to which every human being should be allowed access.

You may find articles of Christian education professionals, marriage and family counselors, youth ministers, pastors, lay preachers, authors, educators, parents, children’s advisor's and other professionals.

The authors we use, all believe and practice a faith in Christ and Christ’s teachings. They agree in and believe in God the Father, Jesus as God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We don`t believe you need to be "a religious master of interpretation" to benefit from the articles you find at our website. 

If you want to understand The doctrines, or topics, relating to God, Satan the devil, sin, temptation, man or mankind, humanity, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, Divine healing, the Church, miracles, heaven, hell, eternity, second coming, sanctification, redemption, being born again and gifts of the Spirit are Bible truths, than we believe you can understand this by seriously pray for God’s guidance for truth.

We attemp to embrace all areas of human need. You will find articles from people that share their experience and research on topics relating to life, happiness, success, childhood, marriage, parenting, mental health, healing, aging, senior citizens and the Bible.

If we believe that if something is important, you can learn about it somewhere in the free articles or documents.

Men, women, boys, girls, husbands, wife or wives, singles, youth, young people, older people, retired people, senior citizens, parents, grandparents, teachers, educators, Sunday school teachers, pastors, ministers, youth leaders, counselors, church members, sinners, unbelievers, born-again believers can all benefit from these articles.

Contributing researchers and authors include parents, teachers, mental health professionals, family counselors, academic and college professors, Bible scholars, youth counselors and ministers.

There is no obligation and nothing to join - All is really FREE. We ask you to register, because we want to more easily send you updates and prayer and news letters, as well as you get access to everything at the Pastor/ leaders section.

Read - Enjoy - Be Helped - Help somebody else and one another.

It might be you are looking for solutions on concrete problems like tips about family, faith, children, parenting, the Bible, Bible prophecy, Bible doctrine Christian growth and living, marriage, family and spiritual healing then you have come to the right place.

We welcome Private gifts. We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any professional or religious group, denomination or movement. We depend of private gifts.

If you feel in your heart that you got any help by any of th resources / ministries at our website, please consider a donation. We thank you and may God bless you.

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Michael Angell

Rev. Michael Angell is the founder of Prayer & Bible Center International. 

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