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Thursday, 13 September 2007 22:00

Rev. C. Charles Finny

I like to share my testimony on how we are doing the ministry in South India.

I am son of pastor parents. I am the last one of the four. By God’s grace all of the children are in ministry path.
In my youth I was living in a sinful way. I was not obedient to my parents. I was going in my own way. My main friends were bad, and influenced me in a negative way. From my childhood I was living with my family in a beautiful station in the hills. In my age of six to nine, m y father and my mother suffered a lot in the ministry. Some times there were no food for us, for three days or four days. Only water was our food. But our faith were strong. My parents were very strong in the faith. In my youth days I did smoke, I went to cinema and did other bad things. I did not fear God. With much tears, my parents prayed for me daily. Some years just went like that. I finished my 12th grade and joined in a vet nary hospital [animal hospital] attender job. My parent’s ambition was to join me in theological college. But I was always thinking about worldly things.

In the year 1988, was a turning point in my life, as The Lord made me ready for ministry.

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Friday, 29 June 2007 21:00

Rev. Emmanuel K. Awu

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Having noted the lost and despair of people and a desire to bring hope and opportunity to people, the mission was given by the Lord to Rev. Emmanuel K.AWU to bring salvation and to return a smile on the faces of people through the infallible word of God.

The call for ministry

Rev. Emmanuel K. AWU was born in June 23rd 1969. He was in classroom in secondary school when he heard the voice of the Lord called him in an extraordinary way and said: “Why haven’t you started my work? Rev. Emmanuel asked which work, my Lord."

He saw in a vision the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, and heard again a voice say to him: “Go and confirm the work I have done at the cross. Do this to help people. For this purpose I called you, even from you were in your mother’s womb.

Immediately he felt headache. His mother took him to a Pastor in the evening service of the church to be prayed for. After the Pastor praying for him he was healed immediately. In the night he got a vision. He found himself worshipping the Lord with the angels.

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