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Tuesday, 05 June 2007 21:00

Our vision

www.PrayerAndBibleCenter.com vision

people and globe.gifPrayerAndBibleCenter.com (PABC) exists for the purpose of reaching a dying world with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to facilitate complete Bible studies about what Christianity believes and teaches.

We wish to provide Biblical teaching, with the goal of making Christians into disciples of Jesus Christ, preparing each disciple for ministry.

We are establishing and maintaining a Internet place for worship of The Almighty God, our Heavenly Father. To provide for Christians a spiritual Internet fellowship for those of like precious faith, where the Holy Spirit may be honoured according to our distinctive testimony.

Through PrayerAndBibleCenter.com, it is our sincere prayer that Christians will be trained for ministry, Pastors and Ministers assisted in their ministry by providing Bible study materials, articles and sermons/ outlines.

We see our self as a supplement to the church.

We believe the Bible classes should be conducted by experienced Bible teachers and pastors in the local churches.

We are not trying to fill the need for a Church, but not every church have bible classes and do ordinations (Even though I believe every church should have). If you are not able for some reason to go to a local Bible Class, or attend a Bible Institute, or some other type of local Christian training, we welcome you as our student. 

We hope to fill the need for those who want a thorough biblical education.

We also welcome local Church Bible Classes, to use ALL the material at our website. Please share with everyone that uses the materials the source for downloading the materials. (Downloaded at www.PrayerAndBibleCenter.com)

You are welcome to print our web address at your Church magazine and business card, as well as register yourself as Associate Pastor to our ministry.

No matter who you are, God has a job and a mission and a purpose for you. Every person is called to some kind of ministry, be it formal or informal. And one reason, as to why each and every one of us is needed, is because every one of us knows people that other people do not know.

We may issue diploma, as well as issuing Ordination, for students that finish at least one of the Harvesttime courses.

The Biblical foundation for the vision

We believe that the most effective way to fulfil this commandment is by:

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