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5 Kinds of Christians

join_hands.jpgDid you know that there are 5 very distinctive groups of Christians. Knowledge Networks have made a large research and has identified 5 distinctive groups of Christians in the U.S. population. I believe the same apply to most of the world, accept to the percentage. (webmaster)

Active Christians-19% This group believe that salvation comes through Christ. They are committed, read the Bible, they do accept leadership positions. They also invest in development of their faith through the church.
Please read on, and learn witch groups of Christians that are in your community!

Feel obligated to share faith; 79% do so.

Professing Christians-20%.
This group believe salvation comes through Jesus Christ. They are not so much involved in the Church, or attending Church services. They don`t read the Bible or telling others about Jesus Christ. This group do have a more private and personal relationship with God. It is a similar group to Active Christians, but have different actions.

Liturgical Christians-16%.
This group are mostly Catholic and Lutheran. They go regular to the church. They have a high level of religious activity, by serving in the church and/or community. They recognize authority of the church.

Private Christians-24%.
This is the largest and youngest group. They believe in God and doing good. They have their own Bible, but don?t read it regularly. They are interested in spiritual things, but not inside the Church area or like the church context. Only 1 out of 3 persons attend church at all. They do not want to acknowledge church leaders.

Cultural Christians-21%.
This group do not show much outward religious actions or attitude. They believe that there are a God, but do not want to involve them self with God. They do not see Jesus as important for salvation. They believe in many ways to God. They believe in a universal theology.
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