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Job 1-3 Featured

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john-obrienThe book of Job is the oldest book of the Bible. But that does not mean it is out of date. When you read it, sit down and get confortable and read it at one sitting. It will fascinate you. The Old Teatament has been divided according to content. There are five books of the Old Testament are commonly called the "Books of Poetry".


These are :

  • Job
  • Psalms
  • Proverbs
  • Ecclesiastes
  • Song of Solomon

These are not books of poetry. Rather the classification comes from the style of writing in Hebrew. These are “Poetic” stype of writing compared to the narriative stype of writing.

 The lessons of these books:

  •  Job instructs us "How to suffer"
  • Psalms gives us lessons on "How to pray"
  • Proverbs teaches about our “personal conduct”
  • Instructions for the “enjoyment of life” are found in Ecclesiastes.
  • The “meaning of love” is found in the Song of Solomon.

 Please read Job Chapters 1 thru 3.

If you can read them from at least two different translations.

Chapter one is an introduction to the book of Job and it is a really an eye opener!

Job chapter one tells us how Satan (remember he as an angel) and other angels came to appear before the Almighty presence of God. The reason for their appearance was an accounting. They were to give account of what they were doing.

 Lessons that can be found in the first three chapters of Job:

Here are a couple of lessons we can learn from these 3 chapters:

  •  Do not be surprised or taken aback if and when God tests us! God was a friend of Job, and He liked him. God took pride in Job. Job was conducted himself in the manner that God wanted and expected hin to conduct himself. God was so proud that He bragged about Job’s integrity of character to Satan. Satan did not like Jobs character. I suppose it was a token of Satans’ failure. Satan hated it when God would make good comments about Job! Satan accused God of making things easy for Job. So easy, in fact, that anyone could do and be the same thing. Satan accused God of surrounding him with God given blessings and advantages. Satan was sure it was so easy that anyone in job’s place could do the same thing. Satan threw out a challenge to God. He challenged God to test Job by allowing Satan to take away all that was of value to Job. God agreed to the test. God allowed Satan to test Job. It would be hard on Job. But God had a secret. God knew what Job was made of. There would be no surprises. God knew Job would endure the test...and he did!

 The lesson for us is this: God never allows us to go through a temptation that we're not able to bear. When we are committed to God's care, we are protected. God will never allow Satan to do anything God knows will absolutely destroy us. God knew Job's limits. God knows your limits. Unfortunately, we don't always pass the test like Job did!

  •  Rest assured in the knowledge that no one has had it worse than Job! There are many people who have experienced terrible tragedies in life. Innocent individuals are exposed to extreme changes in climate, hardships in war, depressions and many other traps set for the faithful. But no one has probably experienced quite the destruction of life that Job experienced. Job's circumstances go way beyond what most people have gone through! Notice what he lost (all at once!):
  1. First: His wealth (cattle, sheep, camels, etc)
  2. Second: His children (7 of them!)
  3. Third: His servants (employees)
  4. Forth: His health (nearly died!)
  5. Fifth: His wife tells him to curse God and die!



It was so bad, that he wished:

First: He had never been born

Second: He could die!


The next time you feel you've been victimized by circumstances or by Satan, or by mistake, or by political activities or feel like God has abandoned you, read the book of Job!

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