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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 22:00

The Vision of Leadership Featured

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john-obrienYou were chosen to be a leader of His people, because of your selfless yielding to His will. You received an idea, an vision. You were given the vision, you did not originate it. It came out of your relationship with God. This relationship was formed and shaped through prayer and communication with God. God is telling you what He wants done in His local church that you have been placed in a leadership role.

Relationship with God

Prayer and yielding are the principal elements in any relationship with God. If you have a vision for the work you are doing in His local church, make sure that it is His vision, not of yourself The conformation you are seeking can only be done by communication with God. Communication, prayer if you like, must go in both direction. From Him to you and from you to Him. This will be the only way you can be sure that it is His voice you are listening to. Through this mutual communication, He will show you what His plans are for His local church.

Building on that Relationship

God speaks to His Church through their prayer and their drawing close to Him. God influences His local church through the cooperate experience the congregation has acquired. He influences His local church through their individual reading of the Bible. God influences His local church through His direct contact with their open and yielding minds.His influence guides and directs us toward the paths of His choosing

Look to your own and cooperate history.

Do you see a pattern? Do you see a direction? Someone said it is hard to see the forest because of the trees.. Take the time to reflect on the direction your life and the life of your church is taking. The direction must be the result of the influence of God.

The power contained in Prayer.

With out constant communication with the leader and director of your life, you will muddle things up and fly off on a tangent. It is God speaking to the church, revealing His plans for His church in the processing of influencing and winning the surrounding society to Him. Has God been communicating with your congregation? Have there been common themes and ideas? These common themes and ideas have a common author. God is speaking, you must listen. Be open to God individually and corporately. Take note. Take time to reflect. You must have some quality time with the Lord, being open to His prompting.

Share with one another

Take the time, plan a special meeting. Discuss the results of the influence you are receiving from God. Others will have very similar impressions. Share your insights together.

If it is from God, you will discover wide spread agreement in our group. Write it down. Take notes. Focus on it. Pray and think about what is going on in the group and what direction it is taking. Have regular meetings. The congregation with become owners of the vision and more outlets for Gods’ will..These meeting and discussions will lead to action for and on the behalf of Gods local church in the mission He has set for them.

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