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Why write articles/ sermons Featured

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I am planing to bring you as our member, with your photo among the featured authors at our website. What you need to do to get there, is quite simple. Just write a few articles, like 4 - 5, and your photo will be there.

Why is that important?


When your photo is among the featured authors, your ministry will be more noticed by more people. Consider this: You don`t need many persons that supports your vision, for it to be a reality. You may only need one person that believes in your vision, to finance it. The point is 1) Your ministry is noticed by this one person. 2) That person have the funds to support your vision.

How can I find this person?
The best known way for marketing through the Internet today, is by writing articles. I see that every day. Where do ex. Dr. John C. Maxwell or other known authors and preachers, get the huge audience from? By writing a lot of articles and books. (e didn`t start with the books I suppose)

Writing articles is proven to be the best way to promote your Christian ministry through the Internet. You may use three to four hours to write a good article, but after you have done one article, many people will read it, for years to come. You can even earn some dollars on the way.

What should you write about?
First you need credibility among the peoples that can support your ministry. So the question is: What is your ministry? Is it Evangelist or Pastor?

You can write about a lot of things.
Any detail that shows how God was working through the campaign/ meeting. Evangelistic activities, talking to people, what people have on their mind, the problems people are fighting like ex. alcohol/ drugs ++, anything that shows that you are in to the mind and heart of the people. Remember the heart of Jesus! He had feelings. He wept when Lazarus was dead. He was joyful with others. (The wedding) Touch the inner emotion of the people, and they will start to support you, if they can.

Testimony of what God have done in the life of one or two peoples (in one article one or two testimonies will be sufficient) Testimonies are very powerful. Nobody can say it did not happen, when somebody say it did happen. Theology can be discussed, but a good testimony will never be discussed.

Sermons/ sermon outline
Write down what you are preaching anyway. You don`t have to create new "stuff". Use what you have. An evangelist/ Pastor will have a lot of preaching/ teaching to share with others. When your preaching are good that other preachers consider using what you are preaching/ writing, than you will have success at the Internet as well. Remember: Practic will make the person! (hope you understand ;))

Team work
It is all about team work. You need many people in your team. Locally you will need to have people help you do a lot of different things in your ministry. If you can do everything yourself in your ministry, that means that you got a small ministry. In a ministry that is growing, it takes a lot of people, quite normal Christians that want to serve God in one way or another.

Too busy to write
You can have people helping you write sermons and articles for you. What you need to make sure is, that you are the owner for the writing. That you have the right to put your name under it. This is called "ghost writer". Make a contract with the person that will help your ministry by  their writing. I don`t see anything wrong by doing this, as long as that person a) get paid for it b) are doing it to help your ministry grow.

Where to publish the articles/ sermons
There are many places to publish articles/ sermons at the Internet. At www.PrayerAndBibleCenter.com you can publish, and I will even publish it in different directories for you, together with other articles, all as a part of my ministry. It`s not useful to publish it just anywhere. It needs to be published at websites/ directories that other Christians are reading. And the more articles you have published in this directories, the more people will come to your section reading more of your articles.

When you have a lot of sermons/ articles at our website, you will get your own section for it. In this way you can use www.PrayerAndBibleCenter.com as your own website. Start putting the website address on everything you print. Just tell me, and I will make it like www.PrayerAndBibleCenter.com/[FIRSTNAME] (or what you like).

When you have build your section with a lot of articles and testimonies, people that get the feeling for your ministry will start to get attached to it. They will start praying for you, your family and your ministry, and some of them will even start supporting your ministry.

People, and Christians in particular are very tired of been asked for money. So don`t ask for money. Ask for prayer! Ask for them to remember you in their prayers. If somebody starts to pray for you on a regular basis they will soon enough start supporting you as well. This is how God works. He works through our mind and through our hearts. Do you remember Jesus ask for support anytime? I didn`t think so. He told stories and parables.

But the people did support Him, didn`t they? Why did He need a treasurer, if they didn`t have any funds/ money? (Sure you remember Judas Iscariot)

The ministry at www.PrayerAndBibleCenter.com is not a ministry that only will promote me, but God have put in my heart to help Evangelist and Pastors around the world, like yourself to help them make known what God is doing through their ministry. So please feel free if I can be to any assistance in this matter. Don`t wait to take contact with me. Even if you just are wondering about simple things like how you should start a ministry on the Internet, or how you can promote your ministry through the Internet.

But all this takes a lot of time and effort
Yes, of course it will take you some time and effort to get successful. But the question is: Is it worth it? Consider this: If you write a lot of articles, and a lot of Christians read your articles regularly, what do you think will happen? Yes you are right! People will start feel confident in your preaching/ teaching, and some of them will even start support your ministry. And of course, when you publish your articles at our website, you will always be the owner of the articles. Wherever the articles may occur, your name will be at the bottom of it together with the Internet address where to find more articles written by you.

Welcome to start your Internet Ministry at www.PrayerAndBibleCenter.com


Your brother and friend in Christ

PS! You see what I mean? I wrote some advice for you, and I can use it in the next newsletter.

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Michael Angell

Rev. Michael Angell is the founder of Prayer & Bible Center International. 

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