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Friday, 08 June 2007 00:00

Victory and persecution in Pakistan Featured

Written by Sohail Peter
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Greeting in Lord Jesus name,

Sohail Peter from Pakistan
Evangelist Peter Sohail

I trust our Lord that every thing is well with you and your family, It was really wonder full to chat with you through Phone and we praise the Lord for this fellowship.

The Ministry is going well and Praise the Lord He is using us in His mighty flow of Holy Spirit, Lord is opening new doors and dimensions for the minsitry and is taking us according to our vision.  Recently Lord has taken us into two new villages.

This village is called "Nawab pura"  at the border Area of Lahore and just three Kilometers from Pakistan and India border and about 40 Kilometers from our House, There are more than 300 houses and out of them 80 or 90 houses are the houses of nominal Christians, who are considered to be Christians and they also claim this. I went there and met with a few people, and also prayed with them I found that they are not christians and the Pastors who are visiting them is from "New Apostolic Church" Denomination.

They are never told about the Baptism of Water,  and Spirit, they are never taught about the communion, never taught about the slaughtering of lambs which the Muslims do every year infact they are eating the meat from the muslims every year with excitement. They do not worship the Lord nor allow the People to play music and sing in their getherings.

They are far from the Basic teaching of Christianity!


Outrich ministering Choir
Outrich ministering Choir

We are planing to go there and weekly hold small house church meetings and also looking forward to hold two day crusade there with our full ministry Team and prayer worroirs in the next month.


  • We are also praying the Lord to provide for us finances

Things are very busy for us at the moment, as Lord is taking me to different places. Some times my family need me, but I am not in the house for them.

Youhabanad No2 colony is also in need of revival meetings and I just visited this town which is 8 kilometers from us, we are going to hold monthly Healing and evangelistic meetings from Next month. So please do pray for my dear brother, who are working there for the Lord.

Brother Khurshid and His father. they are in need of our prayers support for their families.

People get stained
People get staind....

Dear brother! People of the Lord in NWFP province need our prayers, there is a border areas near Afghanistan called "Char Sadha". This area is in controll of Taliban and they are persecuating the Christians, and had given them a dead line to leave Christianity and accept Islam till 16 May. So we all prayed for them with fasting. And on 17th May they put another Posture which says that they have given them Grace period to accept Islam or leave their homes other wise they will be killed in a single day.


So we all are praying for them, and need our brothers and sisters to lift them up in their prayers.
One of our brother has contacted us, and I am going to send 10 banners with printed verses from the Holy Bible, expressing the Love of God. We are encouraging people that: "Testing of their faith produces endurence and Let the Endurence work in them". so please life them up in your prayers,

Looking forward to hear from you
Pastor Sohail Peter

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