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Wednesday, 05 September 2007 00:00

Pakistan evangelism, outreaches meetings and Crusades and establish “Harvest Center” in Pakistan

Written by Sohail Peter
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Greeting in the wonderful and mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We praise the Lord for His abundance and glory upon you and your ministries world wide, we also rejoice in the Spirit for you as Lord is using you in the flow of His Spirit to deliver His precious people all over the Globe.

Dear minister of the Lord, we really appreciate your concerns for Pakistan evangelism and for the ministers ministering in Pakistan.

Our activities in these days are going really fine and we moving forward in the field as we are lead by the Spirit. Our ministry is greatly involved in the outreaches meetings and Crusades and we are trying to cover all the surrounding areas and taking the team over there every week in villages and rural areas. In last two months we have baptized 70 people who have repented from their sin full life and have accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savor.

We do also preach through local cable Network when ever we gets the opportunity. And the results are really wonder full as we are receiving calls continuously from different people to pray for them.

We have also established "World Prayer Center" here, where we gather on every Thursday and pray for world evangelism, Pakistan evangelism, persecuted churches all over the world especially in Pakistan, for the deliverance's and need and sick people.

Our upcoming events are crusade for 2000 people on 28th Sep and then two outreach crusades in October, three days convention here at Lahore in Youhanabad with many churches involved. In November we are going to Kasure city for one day Convention on 7th. In December we are always so busy in Christmas meetings and Christmas outreach commitments almost each and every day is very important and busy for us.
Our main focus is to plant Churches and ordain pastors and Leader, there all crusades and outreach meetings are to plant Churches and save as many souls as we could. Glory to Lord He is very faith full to His people and pouring out his Abundance. We so request all of you and brother and sister over there to pray for these events and please pray for the finances to be met in time so that we may continue in the field.

I also have vision to Establish “Harvest Center” in Pakistan. It would be very special building here in Pakistan, because all over Pakistan there is no such by building here. The Harvest Center would serve as Base building or Headquarter building where we could train and prepare leaders, Evangelist, Pastors, Apostles and Teacher. This same building will be used for seminars, Conference, Church service, Sunday School (Children Church), Youth Meetings , youth Conference and Bible School here in Pakistan. I know this is very Big Project for us here in Pakistan and almost impossible for me but is possible with Lord through His people around the world. So with due respect I need you to please discuss this issue in the conference with believers so that we may establish and built this Harvest Center here in the Second International city of Pakistan.

We are looking forward to see you in Pakistan in early this year. Please greet every one over there and your church too.

Pakistan is under the attack of suicide bombing at the moment as the extremist are trying to take over Pakistan, this morning on 4th September two consecutive bomb blasts have killed 30 people and injured hundreds of people in Rawalpindi. So please keep Pakistan under your prayers too.

God Bless you.
Sohail Peter.

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