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Rev. Emmanuel K. Awu

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Having noted the lost and despair of people and a desire to bring hope and opportunity to people, the mission was given by the Lord to Rev. Emmanuel K.AWU to bring salvation and to return a smile on the faces of people through the infallible word of God.

The call for ministry

Rev. Emmanuel K. AWU was born in June 23rd 1969. He was in classroom in secondary school when he heard the voice of the Lord called him in an extraordinary way and said: “Why haven’t you started my work? Rev. Emmanuel asked which work, my Lord."

He saw in a vision the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, and heard again a voice say to him: “Go and confirm the work I have done at the cross. Do this to help people. For this purpose I called you, even from you were in your mother’s womb.

Immediately he felt headache. His mother took him to a Pastor in the evening service of the church to be prayed for. After the Pastor praying for him he was healed immediately. In the night he got a vision. He found himself worshipping the Lord with the angels.


The Holy Spirit in action
The Holy Spirit in action

The following day which was Saturday, his mother got baptized by immersion, in the charismatic church she was a member. Rev. Emmanuel K. AWU, who was a catholic at the time, determined the same day to be baptized as his mother. Walking behind his mother to be baptized, there was a prophecy to his mother that “A lot of people will be saved through his life, he will be a great man of God”. No many understood what the prophecy was all about. In the process of baptism, the apostle laid his hands on him, and the presence of the Holy Ghost was near in a special way. The apostle wanted to know when he started come to the Church, and was surprised to know that this was his first day.

Two weeks after the baptism, when he was going to take his final examination in the School, the Lord revealed to him in a vision all the topics for the exams. This was another way the Lord proved himself to him. However, when the result came out he did not pass. That night, the Lord showed him in a vision Deut. 28:1-6; to him. He wake up and could not go back to school.

Tree months later the Lord revealed himself to him again and said: “I the Lord will take you to a foreign country to show you what kind of work you are going to do. I will lift you up and will bring you back to the work in your hometown”. The Lord gave him Isaiah 12:1-6 and that was his first time to read this book. One month later the Lord gave him another chapter in Isaiah 42:1-9.

The promise was fulfilled tree years later when he was preaching to a retired man who fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This man being surprised of the power of God upon his life, took him to Ghana, and found him a job for him there.

In Ghana he spread the word of God in his own local language. The people did not understand. He prayed and asked the Lord to touch him, like He had touch Joseph when he was a slave in Egypt, a foreign country. After that prayer, he began to preach the word of God to the public in the English language.

He was working as a labourer in a big company in Ghana. The General Supervisor saw him preaching the Word of God and was surprised. He gave him an appointment to see him. He forgot the appointment, until one month when the Lord reminded him about the appointment, and asked why he refused to see the General Supervisor. The following morning he went to see the General Supervisor. He asked if someone advised him to come and see him, hence this man miraculously after conversation gave him a job as a professional welder, and latter made him head of his department.

The children in the church
The children in the church

Three years latter the Lord revealed himself and said to him “this is the time. Go back to your hometown and begin my work”. He gave an excuse of being too young for that work, but The Lord encouraged him saying: “Do not to be frightened, I will give you the word to speak. When you get up, you will know that I am the one that lay the foundation, and you will do everything I tell you to do”. He also got John 2:5 to read.

He went and enrolled in a Bible School called World Mission Agency Inc. in Ghana. In lectures, he experiences an unusual manifestations of the power of God that surprised his lectures.

After completion of the Bible School, February 28 1998, he came back to his home. In March 3., 1998 he started the work for the Lord. The Name Living Bread International, was given him as the name of his Church.

The testimonies started to come in from people, about healing`s and delivering from the power of Satan, and the manifestation of the Holy Ghost with signs and wonders is so real. People are wondering how God can manifest himself today as in the days of the Bible. As time went by, the people started to call him names. They did not believe the power of God can still manifest as they see.

Rev. Emmanuel K.AWU asked the Lord what to respond. The Lord said to him: “This is the time of “Divine Reality”.

So it was added to the LIVING BREAD INTERNATIONAL CHURCH - DIVINE REALITY as the Name of the Church.

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