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Thursday, 13 September 2007 22:00

Rev. C. Charles Finny

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I like to share my testimony on how we are doing the ministry in South India.

I am son of pastor parents. I am the last one of the four. By God’s grace all of the children are in ministry path.
In my youth I was living in a sinful way. I was not obedient to my parents. I was going in my own way. My main friends were bad, and influenced me in a negative way. From my childhood I was living with my family in a beautiful station in the hills. In my age of six to nine, m y father and my mother suffered a lot in the ministry. Some times there were no food for us, for three days or four days. Only water was our food. But our faith were strong. My parents were very strong in the faith. In my youth days I did smoke, I went to cinema and did other bad things. I did not fear God. With much tears, my parents prayed for me daily. Some years just went like that. I finished my 12th grade and joined in a vet nary hospital [animal hospital] attender job. My parent’s ambition was to join me in theological college. But I was always thinking about worldly things.

In the year 1988, was a turning point in my life, as The Lord made me ready for ministry.

  My father died in a heart attack, after thirty eight years of ministry. The flocks did not have a shepherd. My father’s church was going without pastor for more than six months. And some local area pastors would come and meet me and discuss about the church continuation. They asked me to lead the church, that I was water baptized in some years before.
  One night The Lord spoke to me very clearly. I wept in my prayer, and fully committed myself to The Lord my saviour. I went to Bible college for two years, and I started running the church, which was left by my father. For those two years my uncle [my daddy’s brother] was conducting the church. After finishing the Bible College I came back as a church Pastor. Many people attended every Sunday worship service. So, The Lord blessed me with many peoples. Many were baptized.
In the year 1990 I got married. The Lord blessed us with one daughter. In March 1999 my mother died after a life of successful ministry.

The Lord clearly spoke to me about a villages called MADURAI and the scattered peoples living there. I obeyed The Lord and left my home and settled here. I started churches in the villages where there were no churches. People are still gathering every Sunday with great joy for worship. In the beginning, we had a lot of problems from ungodly people. Years before I was beaten by some strange Hindu youths in a particular village. In 2004 I came down with sugar disease in my body. But The Lord has given me strength to continue His ministry for the Kingdom. Many healing are happening through the ministry. A lot of sickness run away. Many of the members got their jobs through prayers. Still The Lord is doing mighty miracles. My main aim is to ministry to the Blind. Kindly please, remember and pray for this humble ministry. Many are receiving Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.

Church Building
I like to build a church building in our "temple city". Our city is a well known Hindu "temple city".

We live in a rented building. The same do our co-workers. Please pray for all our needs. My wife, Rose Mary suffers with chest pain and low blood pressure. Some time she are fainting. Please pray that her health will become better.

Kindly please pray for these needs.
Our main needs in the ministry:

  1. Wooden chairs.
  2. Computers [PC]
  3. Three (3) fans, Chairs, Table
  4. Some mats for people to be seated for village ministry
  5. House rents and monthly expenses
  6. My daughter Kezia`s education help
  7. A veichle for ministry. [By-Cycles, Motor Cycle or car]

Kindly uphold all of us in your prayers. We also pray for you all.
PSALM 41:1

Yours for his kingdom,
Charles and Rosemary Finny, Pastors, India.


MADURAI 625006 [TN]

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