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Methodologies Of Multiplication

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The tree of Christianity You as a Christian and having received salvation are under an command to bear fruit by causing others to be introduced and placed under conviction by the Holy spirit. This is an example of Spiritual reproduction, or as it were, multiplication. As you walk in fellowship with God, you must lead others to do the same. If you bring some and they bring some more soon the process of multiplication takes place. God’s plan It is God’s will. God plan, God wish that you take on the task of personalty spreading the Gospel to the unsaved no matter when you find them. No matter if the live next door or they live in Holland. It is your job to find a way to bring God’s message to the unsaved. Each One Accepting or rejecting the offer of salvation is an individual choice. You as a Christian, have been dispatched to bring the Word to the unsaved. This is your job. There is no getting around it. This course This course clearly and Biblically brings to your attention your responsibilities as a Christian in witnessing to the unsaved. This course removes all doubt about the unsaved and all doubt as to your responsibility. Take your responsibility seriously
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