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Developing a World View

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This course is perhaps one of the more important in developing the proper perspective on the message contained in the Bible. It is very hard for a person living in the 21th century to understand the worldview of the writers of the Bible considering that these individuals lived before modern time and their authorship was spread over several hundreds of years

God’s Viewpoint

The point of this course is to guide you into the understanding of how God views the world, to see the world from God’s perspective. We need to know some things about the times in which the chosen writers of the scriptures lived, but the main point of view is about God’s perspective.

Expectations Do Not Change

The worldview of God is the same from Genesis to the very last book. God did not change, we did. God’s expectations of us did not change; we grew some to accept the offered responsibility. This then goes a long way to explain to you God’s plan for mankind and what your place is in it After absorbing this course you will be in a better position to become a person who outreaches to the worlds. You will be in a better position to reach those around you and to reach out to distant people. The level of your personal involvement will increase. After all, isn’t that is what is needed?

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Michael Angell

Rev. Michael Angell is the founder of Prayer & Bible Center International. 

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