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The Harvest time studies is created to assist normal Christians to get an "in debt" study without become a theologian specialist. The goal of the study is to help you get in to the ministry God has called you to do, as a practical church man, or as an street evangelist/ pastor. The overall goal is to equip the Christians to start new groups and churches.

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Kingdom Living

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You live in a Kingdom. We all do. It is part of your existence. It cannot be avoided. The Kingdom in which you live and cannot avoid living in, there are other Kingdoms that have existence around you-
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Foundations Of Faith

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It is extremely important to know the foundation of the belief system or of any set of rules and beliefs you hold in your life. This study will introduce you to the basic doctrines that Jesus brought to mankind.
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Creative Bible Study

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This course is short and to the point. If approached prayerfully it will provide you with a solid foundation from which you can and will be made use of by the Holy Spirit in spreading the Gospel to the unsaved around you.
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Overview Bible Courses

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The Harvesttime Modules is made of four main modules. Introduction to Biblical Studies Applying Biblical Studies Personally Applying Biblical Studies in Community Applying Biblical Studies: Special Applications
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