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We must hold to and understand what is essential Christian doctrine and reject what is not.

Essential Christian doctrines divide world thought between what is “Christian” and all other thought. That is to say what belongs to the Kingdom of God and all else.

Christians can, will, do and should discuss and explore the difference between the non-essentials Christian doctrine. However this will not lead to division. There must be unity on essential Christian doctrine. These discussions must take place in love and clear talking.

The compass point, the map quest, the GPS coordinates in Christianity is the “essentials”; that is essential Christian beliefs we must set our course by and for the essentials.

These tools are an unchanging reference point used to safely guide the church though intellectual challenges to it’s faith and belief

Never lose sight of the act that the foundation on which the Gospel rests is the Essential Christian Doctrine we should seek to understand and make our own.

These range from the Deity and nature of Jesus the Christ, His return to earth and the final judgment.  These things are the foundations the essentials. Everything else is foreign to Christianity.

For example Muslims hold that the doctrine of Christ's unique Deity is wrong. Muslims do affirm the sinlessness of Christ; but do not accept His sacrifice upon the cross. Thus, they cannot accept the resurrection and the hope of salvation.

We must be passionate about essential doctrine. It is our faith, thus our life.  Those who see us must be able to see what we believe and how it affects our lives. Essential Christian doctrine is always under attack. If it were not under attack, it would not be a threat to the enemy. If it were not essential the enemy would not waste time trying to destroy it.

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