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Ephesians 2:18 LITV For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father.

If you have access to someone or something, it is usually described in a political manner. This term has the meaning that you have the pleasure of having an open door to the inner office of a very important person. For example, if someone has "access to the President" or "access to the Queen" that someone is highly regarded.

You must understand that Christians have access to the central source of authority in the Universe. It was Jesus that brought this into focus by saying to those gathered on the mountain in Galilee "all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.. go therefore".


It is hard to realize the extent of the Christian’s access. Christians have access to enough authority to make anything happen that we want to happen. Of course, being Christians, Born again and saved, the things we want are in tune with what God wants. God can and does move officials, moves money, moves resources and moves personnel to anywhere and anyplace He wants. This being done in answer to believing prayer. Doors are and will open in response to prayer. The results? People will change and people's needs will be met.


Those who are experienced in praying for someone’s benefit, that is intercession from God, usually use the term “ Coming before the throne of God”. The individuals who are asking for intercession are very well aware that they are dealing with authority.

The use of prayer is an act of asking the King of Kings for a favour, asking for power in a situation that only He can supply. The use of prayer is used for asking for forgiveness, for a pardon, for strength in a certain situation. The intercessor can ask for power to carry out the will of God.


Our God, the creator of the universe has certain interests at heart and we, as saved, praying Chriistians, can approach God on the basis of interests our access will be successful and we can plead effectively.


Why would any King grant such a petition? The first reason is that we, Christian petitioners, have access and a right to stand before the throne. The second reason is that because our requests are in agreement with either the promises and the purposes of the King.

When you come before God you have access through Jesus. You have the deepest kind of access through the Holy Spirit. You have access to the very heart and being of God.

With that said, you must be warned. You cannot abuse this access by asking for selfish things. You can not be profaning in materialistic ways - your access must be used responsibly and in line with the Promises and Purposes of God. You must understand that God must be able to trust you with the answer. You must be able to be faithful to that which you ask of God.


When you take on the promises and when you take on the purposes of God, your motive must be correct. Your motive must be to see His kingdom extended. You will see mighty answers to prayer and astonishing provision.
Think of yourself as a person with a vision, a person with a mission and a person with access to great power. Then think to yourself about the King of Kings asking you "What do you want?". Think of the quality of the issues you are praying about.

Do you have the answer when you stand before Him and He says "What is your mission and what do you want?"

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