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Sharing A life-changing experience
Sharing A life-changing experience

A life-changing experience

Your new victorious life in Christ is a life-changing experience. The Bible calles it "The Good News". You now are coming to realize how much power and strength you have in Him. He gives you a new perspective on life, one that is filled with joy and hope. You are no longer bound by fear or worry but instead are empowered by faith and trust in God. He has made you into a conqueror, allowing you to live out the plans He has for your life with confidence. With Jesus by your side, you know that I can do anything! His grace and mercy guide you each day as you are happy to live out His will in your life. Romans 8:37

To be closer to Him

You find yourself wanting to learn more about Him, to understand His character and His heart. This longing is not something you can easily explain or put into words, but it's a deep desire to be closer to Him and to understand Him better.

You feel drawn to the scriptures and begin reading them with an eagerness that was once absent from your life. With each discovery about Jesus, you find yourself falling even more in love with Him. Every day brings a new adventure as you explore the depths of His love and grace for you.

Experience more and more of the spiritual blessings

Starting to get input and leading from the Holy Spirit, you experience more and more of the spiritual blessings God has for you

The spiritual blessings God has for you come in all shapes and sizes. It could be a new understanding of scripture, a feeling of peace in the midst of chaos, or a newfound joy that surpasses all understanding. As you continue to seek God and His will, you may find yourself being led to places you never thought possible.

The presence of God in your life

You may also start to notice the presence of God in your life more and more - through answered prayers, miraculous healings, or simply an increased sense of His presence in your daily life. It's an incredible journey that can only be experienced through faith and trust in the Lord.

Sharing your experience with others will now become a vital part of your daily life

You'll likely find yourself feeling inspired to spread the joy of your newfound spirituality with those around you. You may find yourself wanting to share your spiritual journey with friends and family, or even strangers. This could involve talking about your spiritual experiences or joining a group dedicated to exploring spirituality.

Sharing your spiritual journey with others

You may also find yourself drawn to activities that help you deepen your spiritual understanding, such as meditation on the Word of God, prayer, or reading books on the subject. Whatever it is that you choose to do, sharing your spiritual journey with others can be a very rewarding experience.

Be wise as you go on with sharing your new experience with others.

It is important to remember that everyone has a different experience when it comes to learning something new. While your experience may have been positive to you, others may have different opinions or feelings about the same topic.

Be considerate and understanding

Therefore, it is important to be considerate and understanding of others. Before you share your new experience with someone else, try to think about how they might feel or react to what you are saying. Additionally, be open to listening to their perspective and experiences. This will help create a dialogue between both of you and allow for a richer discussion on the topic.

The Bible calles the message for the good news

The Bible is filled with examples of how God's love and mercy have been shown to mankind. This good news is a message of hope that God has not abandoned us and that he has plans for our future.

Through Jesus, we can receive the grace and mercy of God, allowing us to have a relationship with him through faith. This good news is a reminder that no matter what we face in life, God will never leave us nor forsake us. He will always be there to provide comfort, guidance, and strength in our times of need.

The Bible tells us that we are loved and accepted by God despite all our faults and shortcomings. It also assures us of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray that God will open the eyes of the people we are sharing to

We pray that God will give us the courage and strength to share his word with those around us. We ask that He will open the eyes of the people we are sharing with, so that they may be able to understand and accept His truth.

We pray that they will be receptive to His message and that it will bring them closer to Him. We ask for guidance as we go out into our communities and share our faith with others. May God bless our efforts and give us success in spreading His word. Amen.

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