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The Holy Spirit

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THe Holy Spirit was given to all Christian, born again believers as someone who walks along beside us and holds us up when we begin to slip and fall. The Holy Spirit is our “Help Meet”. The Holy Spirit is from where we get the immediate help and comfort.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

You as a worker in the Kingdom will find it important to understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit and how it affects your ministry. To be successful your ministry must receive power from God, the source of all Christian power. The Holy Spirit is the conduit for that flow of power.

God is Willing

God is willing, able and desiring to pour out His Spirit upon you for your use as a blessing for your ministry to spread the Gospel. This is why it is so important to study the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. So we might not miss out on the needed power for our lives. Thus you become part of the Spirits ministry.

Nature of, and personality

You will discover and became familiar with the nature of, and the personality of the Holy Spirit when you take this course. At the end of this course you will be in position to be of more use by the Holy Spirit and thus you are moving along the road to Christian maturity.

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