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Teaching Tactics

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Are you afraid to teach? You do not know how and you lack self confidence? You have tried it before and felt you failed miserably? It sounds like you a member of the human race!

Teaching and the best Tactic to use.

Simply stated, teaching is best when the student is understanding what you are trying to get across. Biblically it is the same. The best method get the best result. But when one on one, you must know your student in order to know which tactic to use in the very individual situation. One thing is always true, if we have the blessing of God on what we are doing , it will not fail.

Teaching and Information

The end result of your attention to teaching is the passing on to the student a concept of love and care as well. As a teacher you are passing over love and care and concern along with just information.


This course will supply you with tools that will help you to choose the best method for the student before you. After you have completed this course you will be able to train others in their teaching methods as well.

Download Teaching Tactics cource here.

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