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Environmental Analysis

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Environment is something that we all live in and that makes up our world. Your environment is made up of the atmosphere, the air, the climate, the introdustral pollution, and other things like water, soil and seasons.

The Christian Environment

You, as a Christian must analyze the spiritual environment in which you live. The reason for this that you must analyze that is available to you in your environment in which you exist. Your analysis will include the spiritual resources at your hand.

Principles of Christian Environmental Analysis

Analyzing the environment in which you live will cause you to see things that you have overlooked before and some things that you just assumed were there are not there. It will be a surprising and refreshing undertaking for you. From this you will discover how important this analysis will be for your christian endeavor. Evidences of the environment in biblical records will be introduced and studied.

Instructions are given for doing a personal Analysis

Upon completing this course you will be experienced in performing environmental analysis, analyzing people, analysing groups, analyzing geographic areas, analyzing nations, as well as Christian organizations. This course will greatly enrich your Christian life and serve you to spread the gospel to the world as Jesus requested.

Download Environmental Analysis cource here.

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