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Mobilization Methodologies

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To "mobilize" is defined as make (something) movable or capable of movement. or to put it another way it means "put in a state of readiness for active service, to use one's energies for action.”


 "Methodology" is defined as: a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity or put another way it means system of "methods,” a clearly defined way of accomplishing a plan or vision.


God has given you an assignment for your life, a life plan for your life. This is the source for the motive for your life . This course will show you how to develop a Biblical methodology for your planning and actions.


You will learn some important differences in this course. these is a clear difference between the concept of mobilization and the concept of manipulation. These differences are stressed in this course because many of us have mistaken one for the other at different times of our lives. We need to know the difference and have it clear in our minds.

Download Mobilization Methodologies cource here.

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